The Whispering She Oaks

    Timber :  Flame She Oak 

Height: 1650  Width 700 Depth 450

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Wander amongst the She Oaks to listen and learn from their wisdom. In a light breeze their fine, delicate leaves whisper the secret of their success in the harsh and dry outback. They tell us their secret to survival is not to resist the elements but to twist, turn and bend with storms and strong winds. Their rugged shapes and gnarled appearance is a result of the challenging environment in which they grow.

It is only during calm and mild conditions that they are able to break free from the environmental constraints. They are then able to compete with the elements and shape their own destiny by going against the grain and spiral upwards toward the sky.
This is one of 17 finalist pieces that has been selected for exhibition by the 2016 Wootha Prize selection panel at the Maleny Wood Expo.

The Whispering She Oaks
The stand before carving commenced

The carved Stand or base of the sculpture
The Whispering She Oaks Stand carved by Guy Breay

The Wootha Prize theme for 2016 is "Against the Grain".  This Flame She Oak burl contained a great deal of end grain and cross grain which presents an interesting result. The striking variation of texture and colour of the sapwood and heart wood is extraordinary.
The convoluted shapes, that have been carved with an ear like structure, represent "whispering in the ear".

The Flame She Oak burl ready for carving

Whispering in the Ear
The Whispering She Oaks...burl carved by Guy Breay

Carvings by Guy Breay


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