Soldiering On

    Timber :  Budgeroo

This was a gift presented to Dr John Bechtel in sincere appreciation of the kindness, empathy and encouragement he gave Guy while treating him for my various painful ailments over many years.

His words of encouragement to keep  “Soldering On” inspired Guy to create this piece.  Those simple words enabled Guy to deal with the pain and suffering that he experienced in more recent times mainly due to arthritis in “Rusty Joints” prior to surgery. 

  Almost all of Guy's sculpture includes a relatively small portion of rugged exterior wood with gnarled burls and twisted grain. Branches containing such a lot of interesting exterior features are very rare and so it is hard to decide which part to retain and which part to carve around. 

Prestation of Soldierin On to Dr John Bechtel  (left)

Soldieiring On

Soldiering On before carving

Carvings by Guy Breay


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