Ruby Rose

    Timber :  Flame She Oak Stump

Height: 660mm 

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This old Flame She Oak Stump has been salvaged and brought back to life.  A few unnecessary roots have been removed with a chain saw before carving commenced.

Ruby Rose carved by Guy Breay

The natural contours and grain of the Flame She Oak stump dictate the general shape and design of the finished piece.

The artistic concept of a  floral arrangemnt to hold a Bonsai plant or Candle has emerged. Very time consuming sanding to 600 gritt sandpaper enables the piece to have a natural high degree of polish and lustre which has been enhanced by one coat of Tung oil to seal and preserve the finished work of art.

Ruby Rose carved by Guy Breah

The reverse view of the unfinished work  is shown here at left with the corresponding view of the completed piece at right.

The old stump is reincarnated into a sensuous floral shape resembling a Ruby Rose

Carvings by Guy Breay


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