Timber :  Budgeroo

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"Rejuvenation" is a wall hanging sculpture and is carved from a salvaged Budgeroo branch selected for its unique twisted and rugged appearance. 
This was the first piece Guy carved after recovery from shoulder surgery in September 2014.
It was presented to Dr Steven Frederiksen in appreciation for his kindness and amazing skills as a shoulder and upper limb surgeon.

The retained natural,  gnarled exterior wood has been bleached by the sun, eroded by the climate and etched by insects over many years.  The rugged exterior represents the degenerative changes to Guy's shoulder. This contrasts with the hollowed, carved and polished Mahogany interior wood, which reflects the internal structure of the shoulder and arm that has been rejuvenated by the skillful surgery that Dr Frederiksen performed.

Carvings by Guy Breay


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