Quiberon Instruments

    Custom Handcrafted Timber Instruments

by Reg Cooke.     Karalee, Queensland

Flamenco Guitar

    Timber :  Budgeroo, Hairy Oak and Silver Quandong

Constructed on commission by master Luthier Reg Cooke. 

Reg is a highly renown instrument maker of extraordinary skill and artistic talent. His violins and guitars are played in orchestras and elsewhere by talented musicians in Australia and overseas. Reg signs all his work under the Quiberon name with a small scallop that can be seen on the head and bridge. 
The design and construction of this beautiful guitar is of very special significance to Guy, who studied Flamenco in Spain in his youth and is a passionate aficionado to this day. He commissioned Reg to construct this Flamenco guitar using timber from The Stiks. The exception is the front soundboard, which is made of Queensland Silver Quondong. This enhances the timber contrast while also being a wood of  high tone and resonance similar to spruce. The back, sides and neck are made of Budgeroo, while the finger board, tuning head and bridge are made from Hairy Oak. 


The unique features of the design of this Flamenco guitar are the fretboard that joins the body at the 14th fret.  The tuning head is beautifully curved with the tuners on one side. 

 Another special feature beautifully crafted  by Reg is the comfort patch shown at right. This allows the arm of the guitarist to rest on the guitar edge with a greater degree of comfort when compared to a sharper angle on standard Flamenco or classical guitars.

Reg delivered the finished Flamenco guitar to Guy at the Stiks in March 2011.  Reg is holding Quiberon Kekeni, a gift from Guy in appreciation of the Quiberon Flamenco Guitar. The guitar has the rich traditional Flamenco tones that are both relaxing and stimulating. In short it has "Duende"  



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