A Planter's Reflections

    Timber :  Budgeroo base with Flame She Oak, Iron Bark, Cypress & Bloodwood tops

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The heart and soul of a tree is just below ground level at the point of seed germination where the roots and stem emerge. It is here that the most beautiful, twisted and tangled grain can be found.  Every part of this split level display table is sourced from salvaged tree stumps of five different tree species from “The Stiks”.
An inverted Budgeroo tree stump has been hollowed out and carved into spreading branches of a tree. Negative spaces have been created to enhance the carving and to resemble the way most trees are pruned to allow the penetration of light and air.

The 4 table tops or platters have been carved from a variety of tree roots to resemble leaves that would allow the drainage of rain, as they would in nature.

Flame She Oak Top

Cypress Pine Top

Blood Wood Top

Iron Bark Top

Inspiration for this piece came from Guy’s reflections of his career path as a planter. This commenced with planting of seeds in nurseries for tea gardens in South India and numerous tree crops in Papua New Guinea to the present management of an olive grove and native forest at “The Stiks” in the Western Downs of Queensland.

Carvings by Guy Breay


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