Navajo Revelation

    Timber :  Budgeroo on Sandstone

Height 850 x Width 300 x Depth 300

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Inspiration for the creation of  “Navajo Revelation” came from observing and admiring the way torrents of flood water have carved through sedimentary layers of sandstone in the Navajo Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA.

This sculpture depicts the interconnected water passages. The beautiful Budgeroo wood grain reflects the colourful sedimentary layers of
sandstone. Variation in colour and texture of the sandstone base adds
contrast and reality to the presentation.  

Navajo Revelation carved from a Budgeroo Log on a carved sandstone base

Navajo Revelation.. Carved from Budgeroo by Guy Breay

From inside the narrow slot canyon looking upward and out toward the sky, one of nature’s most beautiful natural wonders is revealed. The variation of convoluted folds, twisting shapes, carved into colourful layers of sedimentary sandstone are truly amazing. Small cracks, weaknesses and softer grain in the sandstone are etched by the turbulent water until a groove develops and, over time, forms another opening amongst the interconnecting water passages.

Navajo Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA
Navajo Antelope Canyon
Carvings by Guy Breay


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