Diku Kekeni

    Timber :  Flame She Oak

Height: 1590mm 

Price: Please enquire at the Contact page

"Diku Kekeni" is Papuan for a bathing girl. The girl emerges from the root system of the Flame She Oak Tree. The vertical fluted or ribbon shapes of the timber have inspired Guy to create the effect of water cascading over the girl's body as she bathes under a waterfall.

The style of this sculpture is typical of Guy's art, which combines the unique rugged features of rare outback Queensland timbers with the sensuous, curves of the nude female form.

The rich red colour and  grain of the heart wood of Hairy Oak is contrasted beautifully with the tan colour and fine texture of the sapwood which is revealed in the buttress root system.

The fluted nature of this timber is evident in all views of this remarkable piece.




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