Timber :  Budgeroo root

Height: 700mm 

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Every year bush fire rage across forests in all parts of Australia, often leaving in their wake destruction of homes and habitat. They are frequently started by lightning strikes and are generally a natural  and awesome phenomenon. The fascinating shape of flames is the theme of this piece. 

A great deal of pleasure was derived in the creation of this piece from the hollow tap root of a Budgeroo tree that had been dead for over 60 years seen at right.

The various shapes, including holes and hollows, were a source of inspiration in the quest to create an attractive sculpture.

The sculpture depicts twists and turns, like the flames of an Australian bushfire spiraling up from the earth to the sky.

The inside of the carving is finished to the same degree of fine sanding and polishing to that of the outside.

There is sufficient space in the center to instal  a large candle to radiate a glow and warmth from within. 





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